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Brief Profile of Myself

Born on 29th June 1978 in Amravti a place near Nagpur . Did My Masters in Marketing from Mumbai University in 2000. The Y2K year. Always loved challenges, wanted to be where people would think twice, might be thats reason always got into troubles and amde most of it,Loved Challenges. Moody A true cancerian..

Kid Life: Did juniors from Don Bosco then to kartika then to St Mary High School ,Belive in God and belives whatever he does for me is the best for me,
Did college from Somiyas one of good ones in mumbai took science couldnt do it shifted to commerce, passed in 55percent. Have disctinction of getting 55% in SSC,HSC And Bcom , Had a name Mr Consistent,
MBA Days Missed them those 2 years enjoyed life, knew whats life all about , Marketing is selling ice to eskimos can you belive it you would if you have studied from LALAS.
. Work Experience
Worked with India Today , you should work once there to know what is difference between child and Man. Worked with Sercon lot of events, promotion done, Was In Muscat & Qatr for One and Half Year experienced new thing Different Countries, Back to Mumbai Where my Heart is

Married Life : Got Engaged.

Family Life :Have a Loving Dad,Loving Mom, One lovely sister and naughty brother. Have cool dadaji and Daddiji, Have a Nani who loves me like nothing, Have 2 Masses who will do anything for me, Have 2 Mamas whom i liked most, Have 2 Chachas they are god gift to me, Have 4 cousin Brothers more like me then anybody else.Above all Best of them is my sweet Chachis and My Cousin sisters cant count them on my fingures. .




Catch Me Here :
Sachin Bhasin
D-601, Dheeraj Darshan, Kokan Nagar , Andheri East, Mumbai -400060
Tel: 0091-56212743
Presently At:Dainik Bhaskar